Corporate social responsibility

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ISS Art company follows the policy of social responsibility towards its employees, the government and society in general. We voluntarily take on the responsible attitude which is based on our main values: Honesty, Openness, Reliability, and Quality.

Community and charity activities

ISS Art company in the person of the CEO Ivan Orekhov actively maintains the low-income people, feeding them, giving shelter to the homeless, helping orphanages.
In 2007 Ivan Orekhov established ISS Art Media studio, which makes films about various problems of modern society, such as: drug abuse, crime, abortions, occultism, and others. The goal of the studio is to give an inside look into social issues and to call upon the society to find solutions. The studio’s films are based on real people’s stories.

Responsibility for the services rendered

ISS Art observes ethical principles of business conduct. We do not engage in development of gambling games and software with “adult” content.

Care of employees

ISS Art company takes care of its employees. We pay particular attention to creating maximally comfortable labor conditions, providing employees with a complex of social safeguard and compensations. Labour relations between the employer and employees are regulated by labour legislation.
Special attention is paid to employees’ professional development. Education and skills improvement programmes, various workshops are organized on a regular basis.
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The company supports beginner programmers with no work experience by means of the training and work experience programme.
ISS Art holds an active position towards sports. We often take part in city competitions and beside provide our employees with such opportunities as going to the gym and swimming-pool.

Environmental protection

ISS Art renders eco-friendly services, thus contributing to environmental impact mitigation by means of resource conservancy.

Social responsibility towards the government

ISS Art understands it as timely and full tax payment and working according to the world’s standards of business ethics and conduct.