Information Service Systems Art, LLC

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Information systems and software development. The company does not deal with copying others’ developments. We provide a unique solution according to the customer’s business objectives. We are open and honest, and consequently, our tools are absolutely clear for the customer’s representative at any stage of the project. We fundamentally observe laws and ethical business practices. As a result comes a high quality product developed using modern technologies and business processes.   

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to international business development creating custom IT solutions thanks to our experience, service and constant

  • Start of the company functioning2003
  • The company reorganization, registration of ISS Art, LLC2005
  • Major headcount growth in the company (enlarged by 5.5 times)2006
  • Division of the company into departments2007
  • Process work structure introduction2008
  • Market share increase in Russia and CIS2009
  • Reorganization and quality improvement of internship programmes, active development of own products2010
  • Market share enlargement and the start of sales in the USA, opening an affiliated branch in Krasnoyarsk2011
  • Establishment of IT-cluster of Siberia2012
  • ISO 9001:2008 certificate obtainment2013

Our values

To help manage our company and team members, we observe the following key values
Professional ethics. We build mutually profitable relations with our Customers, based upon full performance of obligations incurred. We aim at building long-term relations and collaboration with our Сustomers. We follow the laws, ethical standards and business regulations working both with Customers and Employees.
Quality. We have been in the Russian and International market for 10 years. Our successful experience allows us to declare high quality of the services we provide. Our work is organized according to the international quality standards.
Transparence. In our work we use tools that most clearly demonstrate our each action, so that our Customers can easily track the work progress, expenditures and even participate in the team work.
Flexibility. We seek to become an integral part of the Сustomer’s company, adapting the development process to customer’s individual peculiarities. We are open to any changes in work scheme, providing ultimate quality of the resulting product.
Constant development. We care about employees’ professional growth. The Company provides a teaching programme allowing the employees to improve their skills and increase the quality of product.
Mutual understanding. We build effective communication sharing one language both inside the Company and with Customers.